The Femininity for the Single Woman Series – The Whole Collection

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Do you want to know how to attract the relationship that you desire and deserve?

I’ve been contacted by single women all around the world who are tired of being on their own, who are asking where all the real men are and who are sick of having relationship after relationship that ends in heartbreak.Women who are struggling to know what ‘being feminine’ means in today’s world and what it looks like for them, especially in the absence of having a partner around who is taking on the role of a masculine man.

Women who want to know where to find a good man, and how to be the woman that will attract that kind of guy.

I know what it’s like to ask the questions:

– Will I ever find love?
– Are there any decent men left?
– Can I risk getting hurt again?
– Is it worth it?
– Does the kind of man I want even exist?
– Am I going to end up alone?

I know what it’s like to feel like the last single person on the planet…to be scared of getting your heart broken (again!)…and to be even more terrified of ending up alone.

I was there myself…in fact I’ve been there on many occasions throughout my life.

I went through relationship after relationship…and it seemed that each one seemed to hurt more than the last. I felt like I was giving my all…but it was never enough and I always ended up broken hearted and alone.

I watched all of my friends pair up and settle down…I went to wedding after wedding…and then the babies started appearing.

It felt like it was never going to happen for me.

…Until I realised that I’d actually been insane.

That is, I’d been doing the same thing over and over and over again…and expecting different results.

I knew I had to try a new approach, and after some time alone, a lot of research (on men, women dating and relationships) and even more soul-searching I realised that to really be ready for a new relationship, and to put myself in the best position possible to attract the man and relationship that I really wanted would require three key steps.

– First I would need to truly release my past.
– Second I would need to create a meaningful relationship with the most important person in my life…me.
– Third I would need to understand men better and prepare myself for a new relationship.

…and that’s exactly what I did.

The results were incredible and having now walked this path myself, taken these steps and attracted into my life the quality of man, and quality of relationship, I had never experienced before, I want to now share it with you.

I wanted to share the processes I’d created to help other single women to create the relationships that they so richly deserve, so I created the Femininity for the Single Woman Series.

Three video courses, which will take you start to finish through each of these key steps to prepare you for the quality of man and the quality of relationship that you desire and deserve

The Femininity for the Single Woman Series – The Whole Collection

This is the ultimate collection.  Every step you need to take you from single and unsatisfied to attracting in the quality of man and relationship that you really desire and deserve.

…and as a thank you for purchasing the whole collection, I’m including a few special gifts to help you to get as much benefit as possible out of the collection:

  • Two copies of “The Feminine Evolution” Audio MP3; one for you and one to share with a friend!
    (Downloadable MP3: £40 Value)

  • One-on-One Discovery Session with me – A session for you to be able to ask me any question and get support and advice with your unique situation (£35 Value)

  •  25% Discount Voucher – Discount voucher on any personal coaching or mentoring package with Claire. (£380 Minimum Value)

The Value of the content in this series and all the bonuses is £1,996…but I want to help you get on the path to attracting the relationship you desire and deserve as quickly and easily as possible, so I’m offering you all of this today for just £977


The Feminine 1st Gorgeous Guarantee


guarantee“Diamonds are pretty and so are pearls, but nothing’s as GORGEOUS as me and my girls!”

I know how important it is for you to spend your money and your time wisely, and I want to make sure that you get value out of this course, because I spend a lot of time putting value into it.

In the past I’ve done courses where when I’d finished them I didn’t really feel that I’d got value…and I want to make sure that isn’t the case with this or any other of my courses.

So, if after completing this program you do not believe that you have received value from it, just return your completed workbooks with all of the exercises and P.L.A.Y. notes completed and I will be happy to provide you with a full 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.


The Femininity for the Single Woman Series One – Releasing the Past

Series one contains some of the most powerful and profound processes that I share in the work I do.  In life we have a tendency to hang on to what has happened to us…often without even realising it.  If we truly want to move forward powerfully and create the life and relationships that we desire and deserve, we must begin by letting go of everything that is holding us back from having it now.  In order to be able to create what you want, we first must remove the blocks and barriers to having it that we sometimes can’t see are there.

Session 1 – “Getting Started”


You will begin by discovering…


– Why we need this.
– The reasons I know what I’m talking about!
– How this course is different…
– Misperceptions about Femininity…and why they are untrue.
– How to be a woman who is Feminine and can still “Bring Home the Bacon”.
– How to be Feminine and Feminist (at the same time!)
– The Importance of Balance….how to be a woman who is feminine and still uses the masculine.
– Why we’re not built to be Masculine…and exactly how much staying there is cost us.
– The ‘Shoes’ concept…something every woman must know about.


Session 2 – “Putting Down The Bags”



You Will Learn…

– How life is like a shopping trip.
– How to identify all your ‘bags’ – Beliefs, thoughts and ideas that you’ve picked up through life that no longer serve you, or are holding you back.
– How to be a woman that puts these bags down once and for all.
– How to replace them in a way that will empower and liberate you.
– How to prevent yourself from picking up new bags.
– How to P.L.A.Y. every day!
– The ‘Complete Clearing Out’ Exercise



The Femininity for the Single Woman Series Two – Reconnecting with the Real You

Series two is about cultivating the most important relationship in our lives…and the one so many of us neglect and forget – The relationship with yourself. In this series, we will learn how to move from being our own worst enemy…to our own best friend. I take you through a journey to get to know youself better, understand what really makes you tick and which needs are most important for you to get met (and how to begin meeting them yourself). We get to look at this concept of femininity, understand what it really means to you, and how to connect to it while still feeling like yourself. By understanding yourself better, you can start to learn what you really want and need from a relationship, and how by giving it to yourself first you will finally be able to find it in the men you meet as well.

Session 3 – “Reconnecting with the Real You”



You will begin by discovering…

• How to be a woman who deeply understands your own needs.
• How to create you own Individual Fulfillment Formula.
• How be a woman who meets her own needs in positive and life affirming ways!
• Why meeting your own needs is crucial to relationship happiness.
• How to become your own best friend.
• Learning to FLY (How to be a woman whoFirst Love Yourself)… and why it is so important.




Session 4 – “Understanding and Embodying the Feminine”


You Will Learn…

• The Feminine Fundamentals
• Why Masculine energy is like chocolate to a truly Feminine Woman.
• The Eight Elements of how to be Feminine.
• How to reconnect yourself with each individual element in a way that is personally right for you.
• How to be a woman who feels comfortable in her own femininity.
• Fun, interactive exercises and techniques designed to help you experience, own and embody
each one of the eight elements.
• The fastest way back to your Feminine.
• How to be Feminine as a Single Woman.



The Femininity for the Single Woman Series Three – Ready for Love

Series three is about really preparing for the relationship that you desire and deserve.  We being by getting to understand the masculine elements and how we can learn to utilise them in our daily lives.  This understanding is also essential as the basis for beginning to understand men better and how what drives them at their core is very different to us women.  Then the real fun begins…I will help you to get absolute clarity on the kind of man and relationship that you are looking for and you will create the path to finding them.  Not only do we look at what we want to attract and create but most importantly who do YOU need to BE in order to attract this quality of man and relationship.  We will end by learning more about the similarities and differences between men and women, how the attraction between us works…and how to avoid one of the most common pitfalls in relationships.

Session 5 – “Understanding and Utilising the Masculine”




You will begin by discovering…

• The Nine Elements of the Masculine.
• How to be a woman who is able to utilise the nine elements of the Masculine as a toolbox.
• More about Masculine and Feminine energy.
• The Universal ‘P’.
• Exactly in which ways the Masculine and Feminine are Fundamentally different.




Session 6 – “The Next Steps: Attracting the Relationship You Desire and Deserve”



You Will Learn…

• The exact steps you must implement in order to learn how to be a woman who will attract the relationship you desire and deserve.
• The good news – Life is like a movie.
• How there’s a blessing in every curse, and a curse in every blessing…and why this is a good thing!
• How to create the movie of your life.
• The true magnetic power between the Masculine and Feminine
• How this will help you in all relationships, not just your intimate one.
• How to be a woman who understands what Feminine presence is.
• How to avoid overwhelm.

Please note that in order to create the shifts desired with this content, series three is only available to purchase if you have also purchased series one and series two.

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