How can we help you create as much success in your personal life

as you have in your professional life?

How Can We Help You?

1390217_65415655When success in business has been your focus, it’s unlikely that you’ve had the capacity to spend time and energy on how to make personal relationships work…it’s hard to concentrate on both at the same time.

Relationships aren’t easy.  When you get two completely unique individuals who come together to share part or all of their lives together it’s going to create challenges.

The good news is that although they’re not easy, they are worth it…and when you know how to create success in your relationships this can have a huge impact on every area of your life – including your business and career.

So you’re now at a point in your life where you want to find someone to share your success and your life with…but you don’t know how to find them, how to know if they’re right for you, or how to make a relationship with them work.

Do any of the following questions sound familiar?

  • How can I set myself up for success in dating and relationships?
  • How do I avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past?
  • How can I avoid the common dating pitfalls?
  • How can I skip all the ‘game playing’?
  • What will make me more attractive to the kind of person I want? (hint: it’s not what you think it is)
  • How do I know if someone is a ‘good fit’ for me?
  • What do men want?
  • What do women want?
  • How do I find the person who is ‘right’ for me?
  • When I find the person I’m looking for, how do I create a relationship that actually works?
  • How do I understand someone who is so completely different to me?
  • How can I avoid all the common mistakes that people make in relationships?

Normally it takes time, experience and making a lot of mistakes along the way to answer these questions and figure these things out, but the chances are you’d prefer an easier approach.

We can show you the strategies and solutions that work best in dating and relationships, and help you take a few shortcuts along the way to make it an easier, quicker and more enjoyable process.

In our experience there are three main areas that people need help when it comes to finding and creating the relationship they’re looking for:


1364014_94206299We’ve all had experiences with dating and relationships, and we all pick up baggage along the way from these experiences. Pre-dating support understands that if you’re single at this point in your life, there’s probably a good reason.

It could be that you’ve just not chosen to focus on this area of your life, it could be that your previous experiences with dating and relationships have affected you in ways you’re not aware of and it could just be that you’ve not been shown how to be successful in dating and relationships.

We help you to understand the reasons and make the changes necessary to put you in the best position possible to be able to find and create the relationship you want, as and when you choose to begin dating.

In our pre-dating support we can help you to:

  • Let go of any baggage that you might be carrying from previous experiences
  • Understand why your previous experience with dating and relationships haven’t been successful.
  • Get rid of old patterns that haven’t been serving you and create new ones that will.
  • Learn the 12 mistakes that people making in dating and relationships, and how to avoid them.

We provide expert support, guidance and advice to help set you up for success in dating and relationships.

Dating Support

252798_7041Dating can be challenging.  There seems to be a lot of game playing, mixed signals and confusion. At times it can be hard to know what to think, what to say and what to do.

Having confidence and a winning strategy in business, doesn’t automatically equate to confidence and a winning strategy in dating.

We can be afraid of making a fool out of ourselves, not getting it ‘right’ and of being rejected as a result.

Our Dating Support service provides you with support, advice and guidance to help you better understand the opposite sex (or same sex) and navigate the dating process in a way that is more effective and more enjoyable. We can help you to answer some of the questions:

    • How do I approach them?
    • How do I avoid previous mistakes
    • What do I say?
    • What do I do?
    • Will my business success help me or hurt me in dating?
    • How can I get them to like me?
    • What will improve my dating success?
    • What are they thinking?
    • What do they want?
    • Do they like me?
    • What are the signals they’re giving me?
    • Are they playing games?
    • What did that mean?
    • How do I take things to the next level?

We can support in navigating the dating world powerfully in a way that will serve you…help you to repel the people who aren’t right for you and attract those with whom you have the potential for a real and lasting connection.

We provide expert support, guidance and advice for your specific dating circumstances to help you to get the most out of dating and to enjoy the process.

Setting yourself up for Relationship Success

love-177785_1920So you’ve done the dating thing, and you’ve found someone with whom you feel you have real relationship potential, but you’ve been here before, made mistakes and you want this time to be different.

Dating is one thing…relationships are something else entirely.

What works when you’re dating, doesn’t necessarily apply when you’re in a longer-term exclusive relationship…so how do you make the transition without everything falling apart?

Our “Setting yourself up for relationship success” service provides you with everything that you could want and need to build a strong relationship that serves both of your needs.

Through our “Set Yourself up for Relationship Success” coaching and mentoring we can:

    • Help you understand the differences (and similarities) between men and women, and how these can help your relationship, rather than harm it.
    • How to avoid blaming them for what comes naturally to them.
    • Teach you how to communicate effectively with your partner so that you both feel heard and understood.
    • Help you to both meet their needs and get your needs met
    • Teach you how to create and maintain passion
    • Show you how to deal with problems and provide help and support when challenges come up.
    • Cover the 12 steps to creating success in any relationship in detail, focusing on the areas of biggest challenge / impact to your and your relationship.
    • Provide expert support, guidance and advice for your specific relationship to help avoid or minimise problems and create more love, passion and enjoyment for both of you.